Episode 12: Hot Space by Queen

Funky or fugly? After the phenomenal success of “Another One Bites The Dust”, Queen ventured further into dance-funk-pop territory, much to the distress of many of their loyal fans who adored their now classic pomp rock sound.  Caught between a… Continue Reading


Extended Play – No New Music After Age 33?/Sol Invictus Review – June 2015

Extended Play - No New Music After Age 33?/Sol Invictus Review - June 2015

In this episode, we broadly discuss the findings of a study that suggests people generally stop listening to new music after the age of 33.  The new Faith No More album, Sol Invictus, will also be reviewed. The original articles:… Continue Reading


Episode 11: Album Of The Year by Faith No More

Creative consolidation or aesthetic dead end? To coincide with the release of Faith No More’s reunion album, Sol Invictus, we decided to revisit their original swansong, Album Of The Year, which came out in 1997 during the great decline period… Continue Reading


Extended Play – Record Store Day/Smashing Pumpkins – May 2015

In this episode, we discuss the significance of Record Store Day and the status of physical media in an increasingly digital world.  The Smashing Pumpkins‘ latest album, Monuments To An Elegy, will also be reviewed. http://traffic.libsyn.com/thesecondspin/SS_Extended_Play_009.mp3Podcast: Play in new window… Continue Reading


Episode 10 – Adore by The Smashing Pumpkins

Bold or bland? In the mid 90’s, Smashing Pumpkins were one of the biggest rock bands on the planet.  In the year 2000, they almost seemed like has-beens.  What happened?  Adore.  In this episode, we revisit the album that killed… Continue Reading


Extended Play – The Prodigy – April 2015

Continuing with Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned, we discuss the video for Prodigy’s “Hot Ride”, which was later rejected by Howlett, in addition to the new Prodigy album, The Day Is My Enemy. It’s their first album of new material since the… Continue Reading


Episode 9: Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned by The Prodigy

Reinvention or Regression? To coincide with the release of the new Prodigy, this episode focuses on their 4th album, Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned, which was their long awaited follow up to the runaway success of Fat Of The Land. Unfortunately, … Continue Reading


Extended Play – Madonna – March 2015

In this episode; we answer your comments and corrections.  Also, writer/poet James Jackson returns to give his own unique assessment on Madonna’s American Life. For more on James Jackson, check out his site here LISTEN OR DOWNLOAD THE EPISODE HERE http://traffic.libsyn.com/thesecondspin/SS_Extended_Play_007.mp3Podcast: Play… Continue Reading


Episode 8: American Life by Madonna

Material or Military Girl? In this episode we look at Madonna’s 2003 album American Life, which divided fans and critics at its time of release and remains her least regarded album to date.  We will discuss the album’s production history,… Continue Reading


Extended Play – Guns n’ Roses solo albums – February 2015

In this episode, we briefly look at the solo albums released by members of Guns N’ Roses following the Use Your Illusions tour, leading up to the writing of Chinese Democracy.  Velvet Revolver’s short lived but much publicised career will… Continue Reading