Extended Play – Guns n’ Roses solo albums – February 2015

Extended Play Feb 2015In this episode, we briefly look at the solo albums released by members of Guns N’ Roses following the Use Your Illusions tour, leading up to the writing of Chinese DemocracyVelvet Revolver’s short lived but much publicised career will also be discussed.

The Second Spin

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  1. Duff’s album was recorded while on the Use Your Illusion tour much like “The Spaghetti Incident?” tracks that weren’t recorded during the Illusion album sessions. Everyone on his album was a guest of Guns N’ Roses at some point while on tour.
    Izzy Stradlin had also rejoined Guns N’ Roses as a writer in the mid 90’s so his albums post that era are also valid especially considering he was primary writer for GN’R.
    Gilby Clarke was fired because Axl couldn’t/wouldn’t write with him. His songs MAY have been considered for the band but I doubt it.
    Velvet Revolver’s songs were started at least by Stradlin when he was involved at the beginning of the project. There are even similar riffs. Listen to ‘Bomb’ off his Like A Dog album. Noticably Duff plays on both.
    Hope this helps. Love the podcasts boys.

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