The Second Spin Episodes

Episode 17: Trans by Neil Young (1982)

Episode 16: Other Voices (1971) and Full Circle (1972) by The Doors 222
Episode 15: Diabolus In Musica by Slayer (1998)
Maiden Artwork
Episode 14: “The Blaze Bayley Era” by Iron Maiden (1995 – 1998)
712vB0qw1IL._SL1218_Episode 13: In Through The Out Door by Led Zeppelin (1979)

Episode 12: Hot Space by Queen (1982)

faith_no_more_-_album_of_the_year_-_frontEpisode 11: Album of the Year by Faith No More (1997)

Episode 10: Adore by The Smashing Pumpkins (1998)

TheProdigy-AlwaysOutnumberedNeverOutgunnedEpisode 9: Always Outnumbered,
Never Outgunned
by The Prodigy (2004)

American LifeEpisode 8: American Life by Madonna (2003)

Episode 7: Chinese Democracy by Guns N’ Roses (2008)

Death Of A Ladies ManEpisode 6: Death Of A Ladies’ Man by Leonard Cohen (1977)

Dirty Work by The Rolling StonesEpisode 5: Dirty Work by The Rolling Stones (1986)

Invincible Cover
Episode 4: Invincible by Michael Jackson (Part 2) (2001)
Invincible_coverEpisode 3: Invincible by Michael Jackson (Part 1) (2001)

 The Soft Parade by The Doors (1969)
Episode 2: The Soft Parade by The Doors (1969)

 Turbo Album Art
Episode 1: Turbo by Judas Priest (1986)

Extended Play Episodes


Scott WeilandScott Weiland – December 2015

Slayer – Octocber 2015


More Blaze Bayley! – September 2015

Led Zeppelin – August 2015

photo (1)
Queen’s Innuendo Revisited – July 2015

Extended Play - No New Music After Age 33?/Sol Invictus Review - June 2015
No New Music After Age 33?

/Sol Invictus Review – June 2015

Record Store Day/Smashing Pumpkins
– May 2015

The Prodigy – April 2015 Madonna – March 2015

Guns n’ Roses solo albums – February 2015

Leonard Cohen – January 2015


The Mini Episode – December 2014

The Mini Episode – November 2014

The Mini Episode – October 2014

The First Mini Episode – September 2014




  1. Hey there!
    Just wanted to say that I’ve been loving your show so far. It’s fascinating to hear about the albums that have fallen through the cracks. I was curious to know if you had any intentions of going over Ozzy Osbourne’s 1995 release Ozzmosis? There’s definitely some history behind it, not to mention some controversy.

    • Thanks for the feedback!
      Ozzmosis would be a good one to do. I’m personally a big fan of the track “Perry Mason”. I can also assure you that, we will be doing some Black Sabbath albums at a later date.


      • Thank you for the reply!
        I like a good majority of the tracks on Ozzmosis, with “I Just Want You” being my absolute favorite off of the album. For future Second Spin episodes, I thought that these albums would make for great episodes:

        Ministry: Dark Side Of The Spoon
        Paradise Lost: Symbol Of Life
        Type-O Negative: World Coming Down
        Devin Townsend: Physicist
        Septicflesh – Revolution DNA

        As you can see, I’m a bit of a Metal guy. Love the show!

        • Thanks for the recommendations Josh. We have discussed the possibility of looking at Paradise Lost’s Host and Type O Negative’s World Coming Down in the future. We have also discussed doing Ministry as well, but the album we thought about reviewing was Filth Pig. I might have to re-listen to Dark Side Of The Spoon again now that you mention it!

          Septic Flesh are a great band, and I loved Revolution DNA in the late 90’s, but we are cautious about traveling too far down that road because it’s not a metal podcast, even though we will be looking at plenty of metal albums in the future.

          Thanks for the support,


          • I understand not getting heavily into Metal. You want to cover all kinds of music, I get that!

            I’m gonna warn you ahead of time, Host is a rather “Meh” release from Paradise Lost. Symbol Of Life is a more interesting album, as it’s a crossroads between their Electronic/Gothic Metal zones. World Coming Down is an absolute classic from Type-O Negative, but it’s easily their darkest material. Filth Pig from Ministry is certainly a controversial release, but Dark Side of the Spoon divided Ministry fans more so (Trust me, I’ve listened to the thing).

            Revolution DNA is an anomaly in SepticFlesh’s discography, as it’s the only time that the bend ever did anything outside of Death Metal. Their one-time usage of Industrial Metal was a treat, but it’s a shame that they never went industrial again.

            Thanks for the show,

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