Episode 7: Chinese Democracy by Guns N’ Roses

Chinese-Democracy-CoverRock and roll’s Avatar or Heaven’s Gate?

In this episode we draw your attention to Guns N’ Roses’ divisive 2008 comeback record , which featured a whole new line up of the band and was one of the costliest albums ever made.   We address GNR’s revolving door line up, the album’s lengthy production history, the constant delays, its commercial and critical reception,  and the public’s increasing scepticism towards Axl and the GNR brand.   Each song will also be critically assessed.

Album originally released: November 23, 2008.

(Listen to the songs we talk about on this episode’s Spotify playlist HERE)

Watch the playlist of Music Videos and other Chinese Democracy related videos.

LISTEN OR DOWNLOAD THE EPISODE HERE (Warning: Contains Explicit Language)

The Second Spin

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