Episode 5: Dirty Work by The Rolling Stones

Dirty Work by The Rolling StonesSuccessful reinvention or the height of desperation?

In this episode we look at The Rolling Stones’ controversial album Dirty Work.  To this day the album splits fans right down the middle, and passionate defenders are in short supply.  During the podcast we will discuss its troubled production, its commercial and critical reception, the tensions between Jagger and Richards, and the status of aging rockers in the 1980’s.

Album originally released: March 24th, 1986.

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The Second Spin

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  1. That was a great listen. Engaging and entertaining This was the first Stones album I ever bought so it’ll always have a place in my heart even while I can readily admit it’s a mixed bag. I personally think the title track is a great Stones deep cut. One nitpick – Jimmy Page was in the middle of his most active period post Zep between the two Firm albums and Outrider. Any of those three albums would be right in the wield house of this podcast. Keep up the good work.

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