Episode 12: Hot Space by Queen

Space_1337894228Funky or fugly?

After the phenomenal success of “Another One Bites The Dust”, Queen ventured further into dance-funk-pop territory, much to the distress of many of their loyal fans who adored their now classic pomp rock sound.  Caught between a rock and a hard place, Hot Space is the sound of a band moving forward, for better or worse.   In this episode we will discuss the album’s production history, its promotion and its critical and commercial reception.  Each song will also be reviewed.

Originally released: May 21st, 1982.

(Listen to the songs we talk about on this episode’s Spotify playlist HERE)

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The Second Spin


    • Thanks Josh. I’m watching it now and loving this guy’s “gusto”.

      For those reading; this reply will contain spoilers so I’d suggest checking out Josh’s link before reading.

      Even though I love the songs from the first album – the weak, low-budget production hurts it for me (but it still doesn’t stop me from being a fan of most of the album’s tracks). I don’t agree with him on The Game. It’s not really an album I’d say pass on – it has 5 of their classics (including the underrated “Dragon Attack”) and 3 really good ones like “Rock It” and “Coming Soon” (great takes on 80’s New Wave) and “Sail Away Sweet Sister” (an epic May ballad worthy of their 70’s albums). In my opinion – the jokey “Don’t Try Suicide” is the only throwaway track worth skipping (and even then, I still like the music).

      The Rageaholic: “Replace that wimpy Paul McCartney ballad (“The Girl Is Mine”) with Back Chat and that record (Thriller) it god damn perfect”. That was pretty funny.

      I was considering talking about the Star Fleet Project (if only to play that highly amusing sound grab from the title track – as heard in Rageaholic’s review), that album has its own interesting back story. But I decided not because it was post-Hot Space and it would have meant covering the other solo albums too (meaning the episode would have been nearly 2 hours 😉 ). I also love the Innuendo album (and hopefully one day, I’ll convince Mr. Dions on it too). The only weak track for me is “Delilah” (a song about Freddie’s cat!). And as we mentioned in the podcast – we 100% agree with him that “Mother Love” is an amazing performance from Freddie.
      Thanks for sharing Josh. – Luke

      • No problem!

        At times I find him to be quite insensitive & mean, but I can’t help & give Razorfist some credit when it comes to his knowledge of music. If you liked how he looked at Queen, you might want to watch his analysis of Judas Priest (Link Below).


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