Episode 1: Turbo by Judas Priest

Turbo Album Art

Guitar Synthesizers and reverb soaked drums. This episode we look at the 1986 Judus Priest album Turbo.  Initially planned as a double album called Twin Turbos, it was later paired down into a single, more “commercial” release. Turbo divided long time fans at the time of release and still remains controversial today.

We discuss albums production history, the scrapped Twin Turbos concept album, the reaction by their fan base and whether the album deserves it criticisms.

Album originally released: 14th April 1986

(Listen to the songs we talk about on this episode’s Spotify playlist HERE)

Watch the playlist of Music Videos and other Turbo related videos.

LISTEN OR DOWNLOAD THE EPISODE HERE (Warning: Contains Explicit Language)

The Second Spin

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